Chest of drawers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are a lot of different items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Furniture, clothes, DIY recipes and so many more can all be acquired at various times through various activities.

These can all be used to decorate, craft and even sold to make bells, which can be very helpful. It’s often best to sell crafted items rather than the various loose materials, which is where the DIY recipes come in handy. One item in particular, the chest of drawers, is a fan favorite because of its versatility and ability to blend with any design or aesthetic.

Chest of drawers in Animal Crossing

The chest of drawers, or wooden chest, is a highly sought after item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons because it can be used with almost anything and is very useful to players. Its customization options provide players with the ability to make it match their design even further.

Furniture in Animal Crossing. Image via Gamer Journalist
Furniture in Animal Crossing. Image via Gamer Journalist

The wooden chest is craftable, so Animal Crossing players don’t have to buy it necessarily. It takes sixteen wood to craft and comes in these colors:

  • Light wood
  • Pink wood
  • White wood
  • Cherry wood
  • Dark wood
  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue

Wood can be acquired by hitting a tree with an axe, either a regular one or a flimsy one will do. Hitting a tree three times will produce wood. After players have gathered 16 wood, they can craft a chest of drawers if they have the DIY recipe.

Animal Crossing. Image via Nintendo
Animal Crossing. Image via Nintendo

DIY recipes can be gained in a few ways. DIY recipes can come from message bottles, which will appear once a day on an island shore (unless time travel is used). These message bottles will always have DIY recipes in them. Another way is by shooting down (with a slingshot) the balloon gifts, which can be read about here. The other way is to get them from villagers, but they have to be crafting the item players want the recipe for.

Once players have crafted the item, they can place it wherever they want inside the house. It can be used for decoration and so much more. It can be sold for almost 2,000 bells.

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