Chris Pratt throws a hilarious retirement party for Jimmy Kimmel

Chris Pratt stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, where he hilariously threw Kimmel a retirement party with cake, a montage of himself on the show, balloons, a banner and… Kenny G. While Kimmel was undoubtedly aware this bit was going to occur, it was still a lot of fun and Pratt pulled his part off beautifully.

“Jimmy, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this incredible night,” Pratt excitedly said, adding, “It’s just so nice to be able to congratulate you in person, come on, guys, on his last show!”

After congratulating Kimmel on his over 18 years on air, Pratt called for Guillermo to bring out the cake.

“We got you a cake, and don’t worry, pal,” Pratt said, “now that you won’t be on TV anymore, you can have as much of that cake as you want.” When Kimmel informed Pratt that he was indeed going to be back on TV, Pratt responded, “Yeah, sure you will. No, that’s the spirit. Never give up.”

It would have been a proper send-off had Pratt sat down with Conan O’Brien, whose last show on TBS aired Thursday night, capping 11 years on the network, and 28 years as a late night talk show host. But Kimmel explained that he’s just taking a vacation.

“It’s not my last show,” Kimmel said, “it’s my last show for the summer.” “Oh, you’re staying on?” Pratt asked. “Why?” Kimmel said that he’s staying on because he loves his job, to which Pratt replied, “Could have fooled me.”

Soon after, Kenny G joined the party, but his time was short-lived and ended on a sour note. When he asked Pratt for a picture because his kids “love Star Wars,” Pratt looked to Guillermo and said, “Guillermo, get Kenny G the f**k out of here.”

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