Colorado Couple’s Newborn Baby Required Dozens Of Stitches After Her Face Was Slashed During Botched C-Section

#Roommates, the joy of parenthood is one of the most exciting times in your life—but when that happy moment is ruined by the negligence of the doctors in the delivery room to your newborn baby girl, an explanation is necessary. A Colorado couple was devastated when their newborn baby girl had her face slashed during a botched emergency C-section and now they are pursuing legal action.

@NYPost reports, Reazjhana and Damarqus Williams from Colorado were overjoyed with anticipation at the arrival of the daughter that was originally scheduled to be via natural childbirth—however an emergency C-section quickly turned their joy into a nightmare. While Reazjhana was in labor at Denver Health with her daughter Kyanni Williams, doctors informed her that they were unable to find a heartbeat and decided she needed an immediate C-section that caused severe damage to the newborn’s face.

Little Kyanni suffered a nasty gash across her face as a result of the botched C-section that required her to receive 13 stitches. Damarqus explained what he says occurred in the delivery room, “They said our baby made a sudden movement, they couldn’t hear her heartbeat or find it and they took her into an immediate C-section. They said her face was close to the placenta wall.” Additionally, the Willams family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to hire legal representation because they intend to pursue legal action against the doctors and the hospital.

Walter Williams, Kyanni’s grandfather, spoke to local media outlets and stated how heartbreaking the situation was for his family. “To have your granddaughter born to come out to see the plastic surgeon, to get 13 stitches, is devastating, it’s heartbreaking. I’ve never heard of anybody having to deal with their baby’s face looking like this after a C-section,” he said.

Tashaira Williams, who is the newborn’s grandmother, says the doctors “have to be held accountable for what they did” to the little girl.

As of now, representatives from Denver Health have not publicly commented on what happened to Kyanni Williams.


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