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Colt Cabana did motion capture work for WWE games, Roman Reigns move termed ‘difficult to replicate’

Colt Cabana and Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns has been one of the highest-rated superstars in WWE games for several years, and it seems like one of his most explosive moves posed a roadblock during the game development phase.

Colt Cabana recently spoke to Fightful, and the AEW star revealed that he did some motion capture work for WWE’s video games.

An excerpt from the interview was released on Fightful Select, in which Colt Cabana revealed many exciting details about how the WWE’s wrestling games were made.

The Dark Order member highlighted a few complicated moves that gave motion capture artists an unwanted headache. The Fightful Select article had three moves mentioned – Evan Bourne’s (Matt Sydal in AEW) version of the Shooting Star Press, Melina’s Splits, and Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch.

It was noted that motion capture artists couldn’t pull off the three moves, with Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch especially causing a few issues.

The reason why motion capture artists struggled with Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch

Roman Reigns apparently had ‘some unique footwork spots’ in his Superman Punch, which was challenging to replicate.

Adam Pearce and Sonjay Dutt reportedly also tried to execute Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch, but the Tribal Chief’s uncommon footwork made it tricky for them to duplicate the move.

A glance at a few compilation videos and Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch might look like an easy move to pull off. However, a deeper analysis reveals that the reigning Universal Champion has modified the famous Muay Thai strike with his unconventional footwork.

Colt Cabana also praised the video game programmers for adding all the wrestling moves that fans want to see but aren’t used on WWE TV.

WWE games have a massive library of maneuvers, many of which are either not allowed in Vince McMahon’s company or just conveniently forgotten. Colt Cabana credited the programming team for adding all the fan-favorite moves to WWE games.

During the Fightful interview, which is scheduled to be released this week in its entirety, Colt Cabana also revealed details of his planned AEW feud with Brodie Lee.

Cabana even drew up a manuscript to outline the Brodie Lee storyline that sadly never came to fruition.

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