What is Com Android incallUI?

In the android and IT worlds, Samsung is one of the big shorts. Their most recent phone includes advanced built-in features such as com.Samsung.android.incallui, or the CQATest app, which gets frequently used in the background.

OneUI, the overlying skin of these Android smartphones, was launched to the company’s smartphone models in December 2018. The OneUI gave Samsung smartphones some extra capabilities, such as com.android.incallui, which allows you to see incallui whenever you call someone.

Many people are unsure what com.Samsung.android.incallui is and whether it can get removed. This article explains the terms com.android.incallui and com. android. incallui implies how to use them and how they affect your regular phone usage. You’ll see how useful this phone app is in our daily lives, as well as how it can alert you if someone is snooping on your device.

What is com.samsung.android.incallui?

The com.Samsung.android.incallui shows on your screen when you call someone on your Android phone. It acts as a link between the machine and the dialer. It will be Assisting the computer in recognizing and displaying the number in the display. It also connects your SIM card information to your phone. In a nutshell, it’s a call screen with various options, including the ability to hang up, hold, mute, and add another call.

These options get displayed in an in-call interface, also known as an incall. To see the interface, open the com.Samsung.android.incallui app, which allows you to make and receive calls.

The com. android. incallui app provides a call screen to see the caller ID and receive, hang up, or mute calls. When you make a phone call, your phone will use com.Samsung.android.incallui services to give you the choice of disconnecting, muting, putting the call on hold, or recording the call. You can add another person to the conference call and turn off the screen when you place the phone against your ear so that the skin or ear does not trigger any other function.

Com.Samsung.android.incallui can also help you put a call on hold, use the home button to access other operations, save a phone number in the in-built notes while making a call, and send a message while making or receiving a call.

What is InCallUI in Android Samsung Phones?

Incallui is an Android app that allows you to receive calls and identify calling using a visual display. It also assists you in making a phone call and displays a variety of intelligent solutions to make your life simpler. It lets you change the volume levels, access the notepad from the user interface, and record or mute the call, for example.

Incallui also allows you to continue talking on the phone without worrying about accidentally opening other apps when the touch screen comes into contact with your face. Every smartphone and tablet has incallui software that does nearly the same function: to assist with on-screen functions when making a call.

Some phones have more sophisticated com.android.incallui with more functions than others. If the caller’s name gets kept in the phone book, IncallUI displays information about it. It occasionally interfaces with apps like True Caller to provide information about callers whose names are not on the contact list.

IncallUI is so vital that if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to do things like turn up or down the volume, record the call, mute, hold, or cut a call. This interface lets you use call features based on your preferences.

It can also get used to turning off the screen when you receive a call. If the screen got on when you received or placed a call, it would be complex since your ear or skin would trigger functions you didn’t want to start.

When you’re chatting, the incallUI locks the screen, which then unlocks or turns active when you get done. IncallUI also allows you to save a number or note of a number in your phone book.

How to Access com.android.incallui?

  1. Go to Settings on your Samsung phone.
  2. Then there are Apps.
  3. Go to the phone by clicking on all.

After that, go to the Messaging Center, Contacts, Google Account Sync, Contact Storage, and then com. Android. incallui or incallui

How to stop incallUI?

  1. Go to Settings in the app drawer, then click on applications.
  2. Then select All Applications or App Info from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the list, check for com.Samsung.android.incallui.
  4. Select Show system apps and click on it after tapping on the three dots.
  5. Open each option and make sure the store is empty on each one.
  6. The following items will appear on your screen after the incallui gets turned off.
  7. Disconnect the call, record it, put it on hold, mute it, and add it to your list of calls.

Com.Samsung.android.incallui: Can I uninstall it?

The short answer is no; you cannot uninstall the com. Android. incallui service since it is built-in, and if you do, the dial screen will not display, rendering your device unable to make calls.

The only thing that allows you to use the call system is Com.Samsung.android.incallui. Furthermore, it gets not used by hackers to spy on your phone. Com.hancom.office.editor.hidden and com.android.server.telecom, which aid in making voice over internet protocol calls, are also operating in the background to assist you with making calls.

How to fix com.android.incallui Not Working?

The caller ID occasionally displays an error and refuses to work. If your Samsung Android incallui isn’t working, try the following steps to fix it:

  • Go to your device’s Settings and hit it.
  • Then select applications.
  • Look for incallui and tap it to see what it has to offer.
  • To clear the cache, scroll down and tap on it.
  • If the problem persists, you can force the device to shut down or restart to resolve it.


Samsung, like most Android phones and tablets, boasts fantastic calling options. We’ve gone through what com.Samsung.android.incallui is and how it works so far. This article has also defined what incallui is and how it may get used to making a call. We take things for granted with the android smartphone and don’t give it much thought. The incallui, with its magical abilities, is one such thing.

The incallui is at work whenever we initiate or receive a call, add another person to a conference call, mute or hold a phone call, or record a discussion.

This article also explains how to fix com.Samsung.android.incallui has stopped working to continue using the services. Com.android.incallui is an important feature that you should not remove. Feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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