Cowboys on ‘Hard Knocks’: Four storylines we want to see in next season of HBO’s NFL staple

How ’bout them … TV ratings?

The Dallas Cowboys are reportedly set to star in the upcoming five-episode “Hard Knocks” season, set to air on Aug. 10:

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Of course, everything’s bigger in Texas, so expect this upcoming season of HBO’s long-running behind-the-scenes look at NFL training camp should be a real doozy. Dallas is coming off an ugly 6-10 season that saw it start four quarterbacks, so that in and of itself could make for an interesting look at training camp.

Here’s four things we want to see heading into this season’s premiere of “Hard Knocks:”

Dak, Dak and, uh, more Dak

Dak Prescott is back after a gruesome ankle injury that sidelined him for the final 11 games of the 2020 season, but his comeback story doesn’t end there.

Prescott signed a four-year, $160 million mega-deal with Dallas that’ll keep him in a Cowboy uniform this offseason. But contract negotiations with Prescott in seasons prior were pretty gross and very public, and while bygones are probably bygones now between both sides, it would be interesting to see a little bit of insight into what exactly went down between the two parties.

Prescott, the oft-criticized quarterback, is almost definitely going to be a focal point in this year’s series. Too much of a good thing is never bad (especially when it comes to #content). He’s the biggest story in Dallas heading into a pivotal season for the franchise, so expect the cameras to be on the quarterback.

Head coach drama

Mike McCarthy seemed a bit out of his element last season, his first as head coach in Dallas after spending a year away from the gridiron. The Cowboys’ middling season led to speculation that McCarthy would have been out of a job by season’s end, but that didn’t come to pass, as Jerry Jones operated with a lot of restraint (more on that later).

“Hard Knocks” has become more propaganda for the NFL than actual hard-hitting TV viewing, but in seasons past we’ve definitely noticed a certain amount of drama that goes into the coaching rooms (Hue Jackson, we’re looking at you).

McCarthy’s tenure in Dallas through a season has obviously been an eventful one, even though it’s just 16 games long. That’s something you can guarantee will continue heading into the season.

Jerrah (and his yacht)

Jerry Jones is the NFL’s most recognizable owner, so there’s little doubt that he’ll play some role in this year’s series.

The vocal owner is known for his polarizing and controversial roster decisions, and he hasn’t been afraid to mix it up with media in the past, especially when the ‘Boys are struggling. And boy did the Cowboys ride the struggle bus in 2020. (Or maybe the struggle yacht, if Jones’ maritime adventures are any indication.)

A potentially unfiltered Jones on a premium cable network series? Sign us up.

The star rookie

Before taking a snap for Dallas, Micah Parsons is already one of Dallas’ most entertaining and outspoken players. 

While Parsons was tagged with the dreaded “character issues” flag heading into the NFL Draft, no real off-the-field issues have surfaced between his time with Penn State. Playing in the middle of Dallas’ defense under new DC Dan Quinn in one of the biggest markets in the country? That’ll be something worth watching heading into 2021.

A little more insight into his personality would be a welcome sight — especially on a player who could really change the outlook on what Dallas’ defense could be entering the 2021 season. 

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