Darby Allin reveals his dream opponent in AEW

Darby Allin is one of AEW’s rising stars. The former TNT Champion is a crowd favorite and alongside Sting, his stock has risen consistently. Allin is constantly positioned in feuds in and around the top of the card and AEW is fully behind him.

Having faced some of the biggest stars in AEW already, Allin is eager to face Malakai Black, calling Black his dream opponent on The SportsDudeHeinz Show.

Allin said that Black treats wrestling as a “7-day a week job” and Black’s creative side is captivating for him.

“I know this sounds weird because he literally just showed up, but I’d say Tommy End [Malakai Black],” replied Allin when asked a dream match in AEW. “Somebody like him, who has that creative side and does stuff on his own, I find that captivating. I know that sounds generic because he literally just showed up on Wednesday but nobody gets my gears turning more than him, like, ‘okay, we can do some stuff and that would be a lot of fun.’ I like people that, whoever shows up to work on Wednesday, when they get home on Thursday, their mind is still working. It’s not a one-day job. They do it seven days a week. That’s how my brain is, I can’t stop thinking. Anybody else like that, that has passion like that, I want to work with. Everyone else that treats it (as a once-a-week job), they can go to hell.” (H/T: Fightful)

Malakai Black vs Darby Allin in AEW is a dream feud

Darby Allin and Malakai Black is a feud that needs to happen
Darby Allin and Malakai Black is a feud that needs to happen

Malakai Black, who recently debuted at AEW Road Rager and attacked Cody Rhodes, was one of the most vaunted free agents in the pro wrestling business and the possibilities for him on AEW are endless. Black released a short film before his AEW debut to give viewers a peek into his character.

Darby Allin is also known for featuring dark-themed promos and vignettes. It is quite possible that somewhere down the line both men will come face-to-face in AEW and whenever they do, the results should be spectacular.

The clash screams dream match and the possibility of Black and Sting interacting makes this potential feud even more interesting.

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