Deshaun Watson’s attorney says accuser attempted ‘blackmail’ for $30,000

Deshaun Watson’s attorney says accuser attempted ‘blackmail’ for $30,000

The attorney representing Deshaun Watson said that the female masseur who has accused his client for sexual assault tried to blackmail the quarterback prior to lodging one civil suit,

As on Tuesday, sixteen suits have been lodged against Watson.

In January, a woman demanded $30,000 and tried to blackmail Deshaun in return of her indefinite silence in what she claimed was a ‘consensual encounter,’ said Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin. It’s their belief that this woman is plaintiff in the Cause no. 2021-15613, which calls for questioning the legitimacy of other cases too.

Hardin refers to a lawsuit lodged previous week that stated Watson attempted to force the masseur for oral sex.

In that case, the plaintiff is looking for minimal compensatory damages and the suit noted that she’s suffered mental trauma due to Watson’s behaviour.

Although the identity of the plaintiff hasn’t been disclosed, Hardin stated that his team identified the accuser depending on a conversation that she had apparently in January with the marketing manager of Texans, Bryan Burney.

The woman informed Burney that she needed $30,000 in return of her indefinite silence. When she was questioned why she wanted to be silent in spite of saying that it was a consensual encounter, the woman said that the two wished to keep the matter secret.

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