Details on fight between The Rock and Ahmed Johnson

The Rock is one of the most successful WWE Superstars in history and is also a top name in Hollywood today. Apart from portraying a tough guy on screen, Dwayne Johnson also has a reputation for being someone you don’t want to mess with in real life.

The backstage fight between former Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson and D’Lo Brown is a known story. Interestingly, Johnson also had trouble with The Rock once and a dispute between the two men almost led to a physical confrontation backstage.

Speaking on Something To Wrestle, Bruce Prichard spoke about the time The Rock backed Ahmed Johnson down during a heated confrontation backstage:

“It was in the dressing room. Ahmed was complaining about something, and Rock just kind of, basically, ‘If you want to go, let’s go.’ Ahmed backed down and nobody was stopping anybody in that one. I was there in the dressing room for that. Again, it’s a lot of that much ado about nothing, but, yea, so when you hear the D’Lo thing you say, ‘Yeah, I can see that. D’Lo is a tough son of a b*tch…The Rock is up there in the top 5 guys you would never want to mess with,” said Prichard.

Prichard also discussed Johnson’s fight with D’Lo Brown. He revealed that Brown got tired of Johnson’s promos on everyone and finally decided to stand up to Ahmed Johnson.

Ahmed Johnson’s issue with D’Lo Brown and The Rock

Johnson and D’Lo Brown were involved in one of the most storied backstage fights of all time. The Godfather revealed that Brown hooked Johnson so bad that he and Ron Simmons had to intervene just so that Brown would let him go.

Bruce Prichard talked about how Johnson’s constant complaining backstage finally got on The Rock’s nerves as well. The Brahma Bull decided to give Johnson a piece of his mind. The fight between the two men escalated to the point where The Rock was ready for a physical altercation as well.

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