Dinesh Karthik apologizes for sexist remarks on air

Dinesh Karthik has rendered an apology for his sexist on-air remarks that have gone viral on social media, drawing immense flak over the past couple of days.

The wicketkeeper-batter said on Sunday that he received ‘a lot of stick’ from his mother and wife for his comments before assuring that it won’t happen again.

While commentating on the second England-Sri Lanka ODI, Dinesh Karthik used a questionable analogy to explain how most batters don’t tend to like their own bats and find others’ more reliable. He had said:

“Batsmen and not liking bats, they go hand in hand. Most of the batters don’t seem to like their bats. They either like another person’s bat. Bats are like a neighbour’s wife. They always feel better.”

He chimed in with his apology in the 20th over during the final ODI on Sunday.

“From my side as well, I want to apologize for what happened last game. It’s definitely not what I intended. It just got it all wrong. I want to apologize to everybody who heard that. I got a lot of stick from my mum and wife, actually, for saying that. It’s definitely not the right thing to say. I am really sorry for that, it shouldn’t happen again,” Dinesh Karthik said on air.

The unfortunate controversy comes just a week after Dinesh Karthik was praised by the cricket fraternity for his candid and jovial approach to commentary during the World Test Championship final.

Fans accept Dinesh Karthik’s apology

Some fans on Twitter were quick to notice and react to Dinesh Karthik’s apology. From their reactions, it seems like they have accepted the cricketer’s plea.

Dinesh Karthik is slated to commentate for the inaugural edition of The Hundred, England’s domestic 100-ball competition, with a similar commentary panel on Sky Sports.

Cricket-wise, Karthik will be back in action once IPL 2021 resumes in the UAE in September.

Edited by Arjun Panchadar

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