Disguised hoverboarder zooms above Times Square in video

Norman Osborn is that you?

The internet is freaking and geeking out over a clip showing a masked person flying above Times Square on a hoverboard as stunned revelers look above in shock.

Reminiscent to the Green Goblin from Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” trilogy, not much is known about the mystery pilot who buzzed through the Crossroads of the World on a recent evening.

The hoverboarder wore all-black clothing and appeared to have a GoPro attached to their helmet while holding a remote control as they soared in the air several blocks up Broadway around 45th Street.

The low flight along the Great White Way was caught on video and published on Instagram by @whatisnewyork.

It is speculated that the device was created by Omni Hoverboards and costs about $20,000, Digital Trends reported.

Three days ago, an interview with Omni’s CEO Alexandru Duru was published where he teased “pushing the boundaries for other projects.”

Others suspect it was YouTuber Hunter Kowald, who has pulled similar stunts in urban settings using that sort of equipment, according to Gothamist.

But flying above Times Square might not be legal. According to NYC Administrative Code Section 10-126, “avigating” — which is to “pilot, steer, direct, fly or manage an aircraft in or through the air, whether controlled from the ground or otherwise” — is “unlawful … at any place within the limits of the city.”

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