Dole fruit recalled in the United States and Canada on cyclospora concerns

The possibility of cyclospora contamination caused Dole to recall its Fresh Blueberries in four states and two Canadian provinces.

The CDC describes symptoms of cyclospora infection as including “watery diarrhea (most common); loss of appetite; weight loss; cramping; bloating; increased gas; nausea; and fatigue.” Without treatment, these maladies can hang around for a month or longer.

Dole’s FDA-posted recall notice didn’t detail how the cyclospora threat was determined, just that the concern limited itself to blueberries sent to Illinois, Maine, New York and Wisconsin and, in Canada, Alberta and British Columbia.

The lot codes for the recalled blueberries are 14632, 15032, 15046, 15646 and 15648 for the 6-ounce containers; 15032,15046, 15132, 15148, 15146, 15232, 15332, 15646 and 15648 for the 1 pint containers; 14632, 14732, 15032, 15046, 15232, 15446, 15432, 15646 and 15648 for the 18-ounce containers; and 15132, 15148, 15146, 15332, 15446, 15432, 15848 and 15846 for the 24-ounce containers.

If you have recalled blueberries, either return them to the store for a full refund or throw them out. Those with questions can call Dole at 800-356-3111, 24 hours a day.

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