Dominant ‘Jeopardy!’ champion wows fans with huge wager

On Jeopardy! Tuesday, current champion Matt Amodio was chasing a tenth straight win when he found himself in a bit of a tight race at the beginning of Double Jeopardy. That’s when he landed on a Daily Double, and boldly seized an opportunity to make a true Daily Double, betting all of his $13,000.

Amodio had just taken the lead two clues prior, and only held a slim lead of $1,600 when he made the gutsy wager. And it caused immediate reactions on Twitter with comments like, “Oh my Goodness when he went all in I almost had a heart attack!!!!”

Even Amodio himself was still feeling the impact of the wager after the fact with a Tweet of his own saying, “I’m still terrified.”

The clue, read by this week’s quite popular guest host David Faber, centered around Australia becoming its own nation in 1901. And with,“What’s Commonwealth?” Amodio had the correct question and twice as much money. And not only did he, as Faber said, take control of the board, he also took control of the game and earned the respect of viewers in the process. Tweets poured in calling Amodio things like a “legend” and “amazing.”

And while some are starting to wonder if he’s the next great, long-running champion like Ken Jennings, what we do know is that he wins and wins big. And thanks to his massive Daily Double, Amodio went on to win the game and add $52,000 to his now ten-day total of $362,400. And to echo what Faber said after announcing the that, “Wow.”

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