“Don’t wanna stream until I can make good streams again”: xQc quits streaming temporarily

Felix “xQc” Lengyel took to Twitter a while ago to make an announcement that shocked fans worldwide.

Best known for his controversial GTA streams on the role-playing NoPixel server, the content creator announced he would take a temporary break from streaming.

xQc had this to say via his tweet:

“Everything is in disarray, I can go live but I don’t want to stream until I can make ‘good’ streams again. Gonna need a little time. Unpredictables keep stacking up, sorry.”

Although the message is somewhat ambiguous at best, it is understandable to some extent why the Canadian wants to take a break. Given how outspoken he has been regarding his gaming addiction, he may have had a burnout and needs time to recuperate and rejuvenate.

His last live stream on Twitch was on July 10th, three days ago, which is very unlike him, given how he streams almost every other day.

Despite his streams being some of the most viewed according to Twitch’s metrics, perhaps xQc is under the impression that his content has gone downhill. Thus, he wants to take a break before getting back to streaming.

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How do fans feel regarding xQc going on a break?

Given the 25-year-old’s popularity on social media and in the world of esports, it’s pretty obvious that fans are upset with him for taking a break.

However, given his outlandish personality, straightforward attitude, and infamous claim to fame, they are willing to wait as much as needed for him to come back to streaming.

Irrespective of everything, it’s still unclear what xQc means by “unpredictables keep stacking up.” While some fans have suggested that his recent move has rendered him unable to produce good content, others feel that shouldn’t be the case.

Adin Ross, who recently received a Twitch ban for checking chats while driving, even jumped in and offered his support. He stated that gaming is “dry” now, and he understands what his fellow internet personality could be going through.

While most fans have stated that xQc’s content is fine and he doesn’t need a break, a few have a lot to say about the recent quality of streams.

A Twitter account, Lefatanamain, stated:

“Ain’t gonna lie lately the streams were total dog****, hard spamming gta rp, looping the same streams over and over the past few months, and going on ******* scamming bet streams.”

With all that being said, it’s left to be seen how long xQc plans on taking a break. As some suggested, if the issue is setup-related, things could get back to normal by the weekend.

However, if he’s burnt out from gaming and needs a break, it’s unclear how long this hiatus will last. Whichever is the case, fans stand by to support the former Overwatch pro through this challenging time.

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