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Dr Disrespect allegedly hints at his own underdevelopment Battle Royale game

Image Via Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect is always bringing new projects to his stream to keep his viewers engaged, and the latest venture may just be a brand new Battle Royale game.

Viewers of Dr Disrespect are no strangers to new promotions or game ideas that are revealed on stream. They typically have a lot of build-up and they are always an exciting part of the broadcast.

In the same manner, Dr Disrespect teased a new project as he was on his desktop screen, and fans wanted to know what the teaser was.

The subject wasn’t prompted out of the blue. Rather, Dr Disrespect has had a folder of game ideas on his desktop for the past couple of weeks. Of course, fans have seen that over and over and wondered what exactly was in the folder.

Doc himself likely knows exactly what he’s doing and was waiting for the right moment to tease his fans.

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to games in the past, and has genuine game development experience on titles like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, where he was a level designer and has described his work before.

He has also had smaller games developed for his stream that let viewers and subscribers take part once in a while. This is another reason Dr Disrespect is known for his high quality streams.

Dr Disrespect teases his new game on stream

At the request of his stream, Dr Disrespect did decide to open up his game ideas folder to give viewers a glimpse of what his upcoming project might be. He claimed he didn’t ask for permission, but he only gave a view at one image with a small title.

“I didn’t ask for approval, but I think he’s going to be ok with it. Remember, everything is unfinished, untouched, unfinished, incomplete, not final, not polished. Not the final. But I will tease you with something from one of our game ideas folders.”

What Doc teased appeared to be a high-rise building with some well-made concept art that was labeled the “Sector 3 wingsuit platform extraction.” At the bottom right of the image, there was one more description that was simply “Vertical BR”, and though there is no official confirmation, speculation has already begun.

It’s entirely possible that Dr Disrespect may be trying his hand at Battle Royale with his own spin on the genre. However, fans will need to wait until Doc reveals more about his upcoming projects.

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