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Drew McIntyre wants his old theme back

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus appeared on an episode of the Battleground podcast where Drew stated that he would be willing to convince Vince McMahon to bring back his old entrance theme song. He also poked fun at Sheamus, saying that nobody wants “Lobster Head”, referring to The Celtic Warrior’s old WWE theme song, “Written in My Face” by Jim Johnston.

“I don’t see anyone asking for ‘Lobster Head’, everyone’s asking about Broken Freakin Dreams. One of these days, that music is going to come back. I hear this question all the time, I see it every day on social media. One of these days I’m going to get it approved, have it for a show. I’m positive we still have the rights to it.

“Everybody in the crowd better know the words to that song, because I go out there and people are like ‘what’s that?’ I’m going to be let down. Everyone start learning the lyrics because eventually I will get that song and I’ll ensure Sheamus will never have ‘Lobster Head’ as his theme song again,” Drew McIntyre said on the podcast.

Jim Johnston is a legendary music composer in the wrestling industry, having composed many masterpieces during the Attitude era, including the theme songs of Undertaker and Kane.

Jeff hardy wants his theme back as well

On the subject of wrestlers wanting their old themes back, Jeff Hardy revealed late last year on Twitter that he is getting his old theme “No more words” back as part of the deal that he signed with the WWE. The theme is set to return once WWE starts allowing in-house attendance. With live events starting on the 16th of July, Jeff is expected to return soon along with his old theme.

What’s next for Drew McIntyre?

Drew McIntyre lost his WWE championship rematch with Lashley last month at Hell in a Cell, having the stipulation that if McIntyre loses, he won’t be allowed to challenge Lashley for the title again.

Riddle later pulled off an upset win over McIntyre to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match. But this week on Raw, Drew McIntyre managed to defeat Matt Riddle and AJ Styles in a “last chance” triple threat match to secure the last RAW spot in the ladder match. The Scottish Psychopath will be desperate to win the ladder match to have a crack at a World Championship again.

Which wrestler’s old theme do you want them to bring back? Do you think Drew McIntyre should challenge Lashley again if he wins the ladder match?

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