Drunk driver asked to smoke cigarette after killing woman in crash

A suspected drunk driver asked New Mexico police if she could “smoke a cigarette” just moments after she allegedly caused a crash that killed a mother-of-four, bodycam video shows.

Jennifer Munoz, 26, is accused of crashing into and killing 41-year-old Janelle Katesigwa in Albuquerque in May, KRQE reports.

According to bodycam video released on Wednesday, the first thing Munoz said to police after the fatal crash was: “Can I just smoke a cigarette?”

Munoz’s friend could be heard screaming in pain in the passenger seat.

“I would not do that right now… Let them try to help your friend,” a police officer told Munoz.

Police say Munoz was speeding at 90 miles an hour in a 35 mile zone and had run a red light just before crashing into Katesigwa.

Jennifer Munoz
Jennifer Munoz is accused of crashing into and killing Janelle Katesigwa in Albuquerque in May.
Metropolitan Detention Center

The victim was on her way to work at McDonald’s at the time.

Munoz had twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system after the crash, police said.

DUI crash.
Jennifer Munoz’s friend could be heard screaming in pain in the passenger seat as she asked for a cigarette.

A bottle and flask of tequila were allegedly found inside Munoz’s car.

Munoz was charged with vehicular homicide and a judge last month ordered her to remain behind bars until her trial.

“There is no way even if I put her on the strictest conditions whatsoever, or tell her not to drive, put her on a GPS monitor, essentially put her on house arrest, I don’t think that those are strict enough to prevent something like this happening to another citizen of our community,” the judge said at her bail hearing.

Janell Katesigwa.
Janelle Katesigwa was a mother of four and was killed while on her way to work.

“She’s already exhibited that she’s already, in terms of a DWI, done the most dangerous activity that you possibly can and driving at those types of speeds on regular roads and it did result in the loss of life of a completely innocent civilian.”

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