Dual Wield was nerfed in Black Ops Cold War Season 5

Dual Wield pistols have been a problem in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for a while now and the Season 5 patch may have finally fixed that. Content may be delayed, but new weapon tweaks are in full swing for Season 5.

Anyone who has played Black Ops Cold War in the past few seasons has probably noticed that one of the strongest weapons is a set of Dual Wield pistols. They only take up a secondary slot and at times, can kill people just as fast as a shotgun.

But the damage and slot alone aren’t the only reasons why Dual Wield pistols have been so effective.

Mobility on Dual Wield pistols in Black Ops Cold War is essentially the same as running around with a knife. On top of that, all of the highest damaging attachments can be equipped because ADS speed doesn’t matter on a Dual Wield pistol.

This meant players were successfully running around at lightning speed with weapons that trumped everything else in close quarters.

However, Treyarch has finally addressed the Dual Wield pistols in Black Ops Cold War Season 5 with a change to the mobility of the weapons.

How was the Dual Wield pistol attachment nerfed in Black Ops Cold War Season 5?

In the patch notes for Black Ops Cold War Season 5, Treyarch explained the nerf for the Dual Wield pistols. They believe the majority of the strength is tied to the speed of the weapons.

“While not being able to aim down sights is a sizeable trade-off, movement speed has always been a top factor for success with short-range weapons.”

With that in mind, Treyarch went ahead and reduced the movement speed of Dual Wield by 5%, as well as the strafe speed with the weapons by 5%. On top of those nerfs, the attachments also cause 5% reductions in sprinting speed and movement while shooting. In other words, they are much slower and no longer have the same positioning capability.

The top mode where this will be a significant change is likely Search and Destroy. Swapping to Dual Wield pistols will now slow players down and make routes slower as well. This will result in players opting for singular pistols, specials, or shotguns.

Dual Wield pistols certainly needed a nerf, and Black Ops Cold War Season 5 may have finally brought them down a peg.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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