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EA Play Live announces Apex Legends: Emergence

Apex Legends. Image via Electronic Arts

EA Play, which includes Apex Legends, is one of the biggest subscription-based video game services in all of gaming.

The service is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X as well as PlayStation 4 and 5. They’re live right now, and players can watch on various platforms, including YouTube and the Electronic Arts official Twitch channel. They will be featuring some of their other big properties and making lots of announcements, including a new season for Apex Legends.

The new season of Apex Legends will be titled “Emergence.” This will be the tenth season for the popular battle royale game. Season nine, Legacy, will be finishing up at the beginning of August. Emergence will launch for players on August 3rd.

Apex Legends: Emergence

“Change is constant in the Apex Games,” they stated about the upcoming season. This indicates that players can likely expect some significant changes from previous seasons.

Emergence will also bring a new Legend, who was also featured in the trailer, Seer. A gameplay trailer for Seer will be dropping July 26th, roughly a week ahead of the new season. It seems the player base is pretty excited about this new Legend.

Seer looks like a tracker based on the trailer, and is likely similar to Bloodhound. In Legacy, Apex Legends added a 3v3 mode, and Emergence is bolstering that mode and adding “Ranked Arenas” to the game. Apex Legends, from developer Respawn, is one of the most succesful games on the market. This is easily Respawn’s biggest game as well.

Apex Legends. Image via Electronic Arts
Apex Legends. Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends continues to be one of the biggest hits for EA, and this new season is poised to bring in a lot of players. EA Play Live will be making a host of announcements about future games and updates, but this may be one of the biggest. Apex Legends has a player base of over 100 million active in 2021, making it one of the most played games out there.

Apex Legends. Image via WLNS
Apex Legends. Image via WLNS

Is this going to be the best season for Apex Legends?

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