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Elon Musk shares PUBG Mobile x Tesla collaboration official trailer on Twitter

PUBG Mobile x Tesla collaboration is now underway (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Elon Musk, the CEO and co-founder of Tesla Inc., has shared a PUBG Mobile x Tesla collaboration trailer in one of his recent Tweets.

With the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Tesla, new content and items were added to the game. The two giants announced their partnership back in June 2021, and PUBG Mobile even shared a post about it. Ever since then, players have been waiting for new features.

PUBG Mobile x Tesla-themed content was added to the game with the 1.5 patch on July 9th, 2021. Users will be occupied for weeks with the new features already being out.

Elon Musk posts video of PUBG Mobile and Tesla collaboration

In a 48-second PUBG Mobile x Tesla collaboration trailer tweeted by Elon Musk, Cybertruck and Model Y are seen in action, destroying some type of bomb. It was later retweeted by PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter account, adding more context to the initial video.

Earlier, collaboration was also introduced in Game for peace, the Chinese rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. It was also announced in Battlegrounds Mobile India, a special game by Krafton for Indian users.

PUBG Mobile x Tesla collaboration content

As part of the latest collaboration, Tesla Gigafactory will appear on the map in Mission Ignition mode. Players will have an opportunity to process and assemble a Tesla vehicle, Model Y. In order to do this, they will have to turn on all the switches in the facility and operate the assembly line.

This assembled vehicle, Model Y, is a self-driving car that has an autopilot mode. It will enable players to get to a particular location once they mark it on the map.

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In addition, a Tesla Semi is also available in the new mode, which will spawn randomly and drive on a predetermined route. Users will be able to obtain loot from it after damaging the Semi.

They also have the option to spend UC to obtain numerous Tesla Dacia and Cybertruck skins from the Tesla Drift event. The available ones include:

  • Tesla Roadster (Diamond)
  • Tesla Roadster (Digital Water)
  • Tesla Roadster (Amethyst)
  • Tesla Cybertruck (Splendid-Silver)
  • Tesla Cybertruck (Dystopia Blue)
  • Tesla Cybertruck (Black Quartz)

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