Erica Mena Claims Safaree Samuels Cheated On Her With Joe Budden’s Ex-Girlfriend Kaylin Garcia – Check Out Her Response!

Erica Mena took to her social media platform to accuse Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia, of hooking up with her estranged husband, Safaree Samuels ! This also led to her pretty much confirming that she and Safaree are no longer together!

The latest season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is all about Erica and Safaree’s contentious relationship and the drama is not limited to the reality TV show!

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This comes after Safaree and Garcia allegedly attended an all-white party in the Hamptons together, alongside other stars such as Lil Uzi Vert, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé.

Naturally, Erica Mena learned about him taking Garcia to the bash and did not hesitate to call them out on social media, especially the woman since Erica apparently already expected the betrayal from Safaree.

That being said, on her IG Stories, she wrote:

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‘I been in the shoes of dealing with a man living a double life and who I had no clue that that he was married. But you! Know Safaree’s married. Not to mention he friends with Joe Budden, your ex. Safaree also just had a baby, who he has not seen in 4 days, that is in the NICU. That is also no secret. I am blasting both of you since he told you to lay low tonight – clearly both know I found out you been f***ing all weekend. My son’s not even a week old yet and he d***ing you down. I hope that this is something you proud of shorty. This man lost his family officially. I wish you all the best.’

Garcia, who used to be a member of the Love and Hip Hop cast as well, was quick to react to Mena’s accusations, denying that there was ever anything between her and Mena’s husband.

‘For years I have been to myself. No blogs. No drama. I’m a woman who’s about accountability and about morals. The fact that I’ve been called out for nothing, to me is just insane. Me and Safaree are just friends and nothing more. Thanks! Everybody stay blessed.’

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