Eva Marie hopes to be booed out of the building by fans

Eva Marie hopes the WWE Universe boos her out of the building tonight on WWE RAW.

Tonight will be the first episode of WWE RAW with fans in attendance for well over a year. It’s a moment that RAW Superstar Eva Marie is very excited about because she wants to hear the boos.

Eva Marie recently sat down with Erin Silvia and Russ Weakland of Hollywood Life to discuss all things WWE. When tonight’s episode of RAW in Dallas, Texas, came up, Eva Marie revealed that she recently moved to Dallas and hopes the WWE Universe embraces her as the villain and boos her out of the building.

“There is nothing like performing and walking into our upcoming tours that start July 16th with SmackDown out in Texas and Monday Night Raw in Dallas,” Eva Marie said. “I just moved there so I feel like it is a little bit of my hometown now, but to walk out there and embrace the fans… actually I hope they boo. I hope they boo me out of the building. Every movie and every show or book, you always need a good villain and I’m okay wearing that hat. Coming back I think the WWE Universe has no problem making me that villain either.”

Eva Marie feeds off the boos of the WWE Universe

There’s no doubt that Eva Marie is playing her WWE character to perfection. Even her fans are having trouble rooting for the villain right now as she treats Duodrop (Piper Niven) terribly every week on RAW.

The WWE Universe is already waiting for Duodrop to turn on Eva Marie and strike out on her own. Whenever that happens, it should be a big moment in both women’s careers as they move onto other things in WWE.

Are you excited for the first episode of WWE RAW with fans in over a year? What part of tonight’s show excites you the most? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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