Every new thing coming in Fortnite Season 7 in the upcoming months

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has brought quite a few changes and exciting additions to the game with new characters, events and challenges.

They even debuted a new battle pass in which players can purchase stuff at almost any time rather than the traditional, linear tier system of years past.

Superman skin. Image via Sportskeeda
Superman skin. Image via Sportskeeda

Fortnite has already seen a lot of leaked additions but not everything has arrived. Rick Sanchez, Alien and even Loki have finally arrived in some form or fashion. Here are all the things that should be coming in the future to Season 7.

New additions coming to Fortnite

The first and most obvious addition yet to arrive has to be Superman. The man of steel was a big part of the trailer and showcased as a big part of the battle against alien invaders.

However, he has yet to leap over any Fortnite buildings in a single bound. The battle pass still says “Coming Soon: Superman”, so he hasn’t arrived yet, but many players are counting the days.

Carnage is rumored to be the next addition. Venom has already made his debut in Fortnite and is a popular choice among players. He’s been in the Item Shop many times, and with his latest movie coming out later this year, his red counterpart could be making an appearance.

Carnage will be the main villain of the sequel, aptly titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage. His arrival may upset some, but the Marvel collaborations have been a hit with most players.

Other skins, such as Naruto and John McClane from Die Hard, may be making their way to Fortnite sometime during this season, per rumors.

Leaks rumored the destruction of Coral Castle and the return of Tilted Towers (in unrelated events probably), too, so those events may be on the horizon.

Naruto in Fortnite. Image via Sportskeeda
Naruto in Fortnite. Image via Sportskeeda

The latest season of Fortnite has already brought quite a few changes to the map, the characters and the storyline. With relentless additions embellishing the game on all fronts, the question beckons – could more changes be in store?

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