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Valorant YR1 stats have been sent to players who have played the game before their first anniversary. This way, players can know about their overall stats and compare them with friends.

The stats page gives a detailed view of player’s data on how many kills they have or damage they have done to other players. The overall statistics give an average idea about how the player has been performing. Some statistics also give data on where they have shot the most to get kills.

In simple words, player statistics are a representation of their gameplay habits. With this data, a player can observe their playing behavior and improve on it. There are various stats pages a Valorant player can use, like tracker.gg or blitz.gg to check their data.

However, Riot sent players personalized statistics in their respective emails to celebrate Valorant’s s first anniversary.

Valorant emailing players YR1 stats

Valorant rollouts player stats to players who have played the game throughout Valorant’s first year. The email contains how many matches the player has on, their K/D ratio, and total damage.

Furthermore, the stats give an in-depth view of how the following player killed their opponent. Showing details on how many headshots, body shots, and leg shots the player has landed.

At the end of the email, Valorant also gave the player their most played agent and map. This is something cool Valorant has added, as it is hard to keep track of what maps or what agents the players know the most.

However, there are problems some players are facing. Not every single Valorant player has received the stats email. Valorant tweeted about why they have not received the email.

Valorant players have to enable the “Communications for Riot Games” box in the Communication Preferences on their website. Players don’t have to worry if they have missed the chance to receive the stats. Valorant will be rolling out the second round of stats mail. This will ensure everyone receives their own stats from Valorant.

Judging from Valorant’s YR1 stats surprise, it can be expected that Valorant might do something similar on their YR2. To see that happen, players have to wait until next year if it ever happens again.

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