‘Exorcism’ for dead trees in Home Depot lumber aisle stumps Pennsylvania town

Monday started off fairly normal for the Dickson City Police Department.

There was a search for a missing juvenile, an alleged assault, and various traffic stops in the small Pennsylvania community.

But in the middle of the afternoon, officers responded to a Home Depot for a rather peculiar — some might say scary — call. The two-sentence report from the police station left a community craving for more details.

“3:26pm Commerce Blvd. @ Home Depot for disorderly people having an exorcism in the lumber aisle for the dead trees. They were escorted out of the building,” the police department wrote in its daily list on Facebook of calls it responded to the previous day.

The police department did not provide further information regarding the incident and did not respond to a message from McClatchy News.

But in speaking with WBRE, officers said the people were exhibiting “bad behavior” in the hardware and home improvement store. The so-called exorcists were not charged, the TV station reported.

The community responded in appropriate fashion — politely asking the police department for more details of the “exorcism.”

“DCPD please.. for the love of all that is Holy.. I know you’re incredibly busy with dog feces, intoxicated citizens, everybody crashing into everything, thieves, folks in distress. Lord knows only 1/4 of the traffic out there knows how to operate a motor vehicle, but please. I just need a shred, a wood chip if you will, about what in the actual hardware store was going on with that exorcism,” Becky DeGraw wrote.

“How does a wood exorcism happen in 2021 and not a single person in Home Depot videoed this for our entertainment. I need answers,” Ashley Faraday asked.

“God bless the men in blue. I can’t believe this is what they have to deal with on a daily basis,” Stacie Marie said.

The identities of those involved with the exorcism were not identified.

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