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Exploding propane tank hurls blazing wood beam past firefighter, Michigan video shows

Exploding propane tank hurls blazing wood beam past firefighter, Michigan video shows

Just moments after firefighters arrived at a burning Michigan home, a 100-pound propane tank in the garage exploded, video shows, shooting flaming debris into the street.

Plainfield firefighters responded to the 3-alarm house fire early Sunday morning. The garage was almost entirely engulfed and quickly spreading to the rest of the home, according to a release shared on social media.

Plainfield firefighter Pat DuVall captured the incident on dashcam, and posted it to Youtube.

A firefighter inside the vehicle, possibly DuVall, is heard assessing the situation to dispatch as more first responders headed to the scene.

Seconds later, DuVall is walking toward the house. At nearly the exact moment he steps onto the front lawn there’s a deafening blast, and a blinding ball of fire erupts from the garage, video shows. (The explosion happens near the 2:40 mark.)

Burning pieces of debris launch in all directions, including what appears to be a wooden beam, which comes within a few feet of DuVall as it hurtles past.

A calm voice chimes in on the radio, “We’ve just had a major explosion in the garage. I’m checking for injuries right now.”

No one was killed or injured in the fire, or subsequent explosion, according to Plainfield firefighters.

However, the explosion “caused the fire to rapidly spread throughout the home,” making matters worse for the homeowner, and more difficult for firefighters.

It took over an hour to get the blaze under control, the release said.

“What I have on is what I own at this point,” homeowner Toni Jolman told WOOD.

She’s grateful she, and six others at the home, escaped with their lives, according to the outlet. She credits her dogs and the newspaper delivery man for that.

Jolman woke up to their barking around 4:30 a.m. The delivery man was knocking at the door.

“This man, he’s an angel, he saved my life. Between him and my dogs, we’re here today because of this man. Greg, thank you, whoever you are, thank you,” she told the TV station.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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