Facts About Alaa Shoier, A Gem in Egypt’s Film Industry

Mega celebrities like actors and filmmakers have a wide fan following, and they are always caught in the eyeballs as people who relish knowing more and more about them. The audience and readers are interested in their professional and personal lives too, hence most of the actors try to keep their private life discrete. Alaa Shoier, a 28-year-old Egyptian’s actor, has become a sensation. Starring in some terrific movies like Nesr El Se3eed he has made a name for himself. He has achieved a lot by working with megastars in the Arab world at a very young age and have made justice to his role’s in multiple TV and web series. And he has received love and appreciation for his performance and delivery of his dialogues in the series.

He knew the importance of personal brand and positioned himself from a very initial phase of his career. Due to his Greek centric looks, he is often labelled as the Egyptian Brad Pitt. Alaa is an absolute charmer and a sensation on social media platforms. He has a massive Instagram following of 95K and has featured in multiple ad commercial’s. Currently, he is working on a few upcoming projects, namely a project called 9th Street, a web series. 

Below are few facts about Alaa Shoier based on our research. 

Alaa Shoier learned to fly a plane before he could drive a car. He was a 17-year-old when he started flying a plane when he was a student at an aviation academy in Egypt. 

Alaa has a true wanderlust, as he has travelled to as many as 29 countries in the world. Growing up and completing his studies, he lived in more than five countries, namely Russia, UAE, UK, Greece, and Egypt. Greece has a special place in his heart, and he considers Greece as his second home as it just feels like Egypt. 

While he was in Russia, he faced one of the scariest moments of his life as he was lost in a remote desert and was afraid to get killed by polar bears. 

Alaa Shoier is exceptionally fond of animals. Growing up, he had a guinea pig as his pet. Her name was Kika, who unfortunately passed away when he was young, he keeps missing her. 

Although Alaa Shoier has his roots in Egypt, he looks different from Egyptian’s. People often ask him if he is Russian, European, Swedish or German. And it is genuinely a great thing for his acting career, as we find very few actors who can play roles of characters from multiple countries. 

His favourite Hollywood stars are Brad Pitt and Tom Hardy, and he takes inspiration from them to become a world-class versatile actor like them. 

Just like any other actor, Alaa dreams of being a part forthcoming Hollywood movie. But the fact is he is not just dreaming about it, he is consistently working on his art and his physic to become Hollywood ready.

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