Faizon Love Claims He Made Out With Gabrielle Union Years Ago-Dwyane Wade Responds (Video)

Faizon Love took a trip down memory lane recently, recalling a time he allegedly made out with Gabrielle Union while at a club with former NBA baller Vince Carter.

The untold story came out during an episode of Kwame Brown’s ‘Bust Life.’ The comedian and the retired NBA baller traded stories and cracked jokes for nearly two hours.

After discussing his divorce, Faizon Love talked about another not-so-known romance, allegedly between him and actress Gabrielle Union.

“I tend to be with chicks from our neighborhood,” Faizon told Kwame as he cracked a smile before leaning in to the camera and revealing, “Gabrielle Union and I had a nice kiss in the club.”

Kwame tilted his head back in laughter with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Alright now, D Wade gon’ whoop ya a** now,” Kwame responded to Faizon’s revelation.

Faizon replied, saying Gabby’s husband Dwyane Wade knows about it. He also said he’s cool with Gabby these days.

“It was me, Gabby and Vince Carter,” Faizon said. “Ask Vince Carter about that night! Everybody [knows] about the infamous Faizon-Gabby tongue down!”

Faizon quickly clarified that Gabrielle Union was single at the time.

“She was dating me that night,” Faizon joked.

The story got back to Dwyane Wade, who didn’t waste any time trolling his wife Gabby over Faizon’s tale.

D Wade actually thanked Faizon for the info while sharing a compilation video of altered photos that depicted what could have been had Gabby and Faizon pursued a relationship.

“What almost was,” Dwyane Wade wrote in the caption. “@Faizonlove, thank you for this forever material I now have on my wife! #Wetsloppykisses #pettylevels.”

Gabby didn’t find her husband’s antics amusing.

“Now you know damn well,” Gabby responded under Dwyane Wade’s post.

Watch Faizon’s interview below and swipe for Dwyane Wade’s response:

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