Fans left distraught as one of Denmark’s most popular YouTubers tragically falls to his death from a mountain

Danish YouTuber Albert Dyrlund fell to his death while filming a video for his YouTube channel. The 22-year old was filming in the Italian Alps and fell over 650 feet on July 28. His mother confirmed the death to Danish news outlet TV2. His mother said-

“We are in great grief, but I would like his fans to know.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark confirmed the YouTuber’s death to Ekstra Bladet, a Copenhagen newspaper as well. An Italian broadcaster reported that Dyrlund plummeted from Mount Seceda in Val Gardena. According to the broadcaster, a helicopter was called immediately but could not save the YouTuber, who was pronounced dead at the scene. He was flown to a nearby hospital but could not be saved.

Local media, which spoke to Dyrlund’s friends stated that he stumbled while filming a video, fell and died on the spot.

Several fans and Albert Dyrlund’s friends took to social media to pay tribute to the young YouTuber. His friend Anne Plejdrup took to social media saying:

“Where is life just unfair, the sky has got a beautiful star – thank you for everything Albert, your cheerful and crazy boy. All my thoughts go to your family and friends, rest in peace. Remember each other, it may be over before you know it.”

She added:

“I will remember Albert for his insane ideas, his happy aura and his caring personality.”

Plejdrup ended her tribute by saying:

“Denmark has truly lost a huge personality and he will be missed by everyone.”

Who was Albert Dyrlund? All about the Danish YouTuber

The Danish YouTuber had over 232,000 followers on Instagram and had amassed 171,000 subscribers on YouTube. Albert Dyrlund starred in the movie Team Albert, which was released in 2018. The comedy movie was about trying to make a living off of YouTube. The movie went on to win him an audience prize at the 2019 Robert Awards for Danish films.

The content creator was also an aspiring musician. He had released several hit songs including “emoji,” “waffles,” “summer” and “Ulla.”

Albert Dyrlund had reportedly sparked controversy in the past few years after performing outlandish stunts like shaving his head and licking snails, but he still had ardent fans who followed him religiously.

Albert Dyrlund’s family now asks for privacy, as they mourn the loss of a loved one.

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