Father of Post columnist dies at 85

Maurice Sherman, father of New York Post baseball columnist Joel Sherman, passed away on Friday night. He was 85.

Sherman died of cardiopulmonary arrest, multi-organ dysfunction and COVID-19 after a sustained period of declining health.

Sherman, a resident of Little Neck, Queens, was born and raised in Brooklyn. He attended Jefferson High School, but dropped out and began working on a truck to help support his family. He drove a truck for more than 40 years, first delivering soda, seltzer and beer and later delivering meat from out of the Hunts Point Market.

At 18, he asked for immediate induction into the U.S. Army and ultimately served from March 1954-October 1956. The first plane he ever boarded was to take him to Fort Dix, Ga., for basic training.

Sherman was active in his synagogue and a rabid sports fan, especially of the Giants, Knicks and Yankees. He was known for his friendship and desire to help those dearest to him even after spinal stenosis began to greatly limit his mobility.

Sherman is survived by his sons, Joel and Michael, and his grandchildren, Jake Sherman and Nick Sherman.

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