FaZe Sway permanently loses Fortnite Support-A-Creator after breaking the Epic Games Terms of Service

Popular Fortnite player FaZe Sway just lost his Support-A-Creator option in Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale game after breaking the Terms of Service agreement he signed up for. Sway’s made quite the name for himself in the Fortnite world as millions of fans follow him on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

The Support-A-Creator option allows popular Fortnite players to give out a code that enables them to receive a portion of all in-game sales that use it. Players can target a specific creator to aid them whenever V-Bucks are purchased from the Fortnite store.

FaZe Sway loses his Fortnite support after an investigation through his conduct in-game

Sway told his fans today that he permanently lost his Support-A-Creator code for Fortnite and showed a message he received from Epic Games explaining the general reason behind the decision to remove it. Many of his fans thought that was due to some of the comments he made on social media bashing some of Fortnite’s features, and this wouldn’t be the first time someone lost their code because of online posts.

FaZe Sway has also made several comments not relevant to Fortnite in the past that could hurt the game’s image if seen being partnered with him. Controversial posts that are in no form meant for children or Fortnite’s younger audience made many think that his connection to the game was cut off for that reason.

However, FaZe Sway opened up about the loss of his Fortnite Support-A-Creator option in a live stream where he admitted that he was account-sharing. Epic Games has made it clear that account-sharing/buying is strictly prohibited and removes a lot of the fun from the game.

Account-sharing takes away from the grind players need to put in to achieve high-tier or expensive cosmetics, thus bypassing Epic Games’ Terms of Service by cheating them out of money.

Sway later Tweeted that his Fortnite support removal was more of a “wake-up call” despite his apparent lack of care for his actions. It’s unclear if bigger consequences will follow from Epic Games or the FaZe team, but Sway seems to be going down a rabbit hole that he doesn’t want to get out of.

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