Florida Reports Over 16,000 New COVID-19 Cases Within 48-Hour Period—State Now Has Highest Numbers Since January

Roommates, Florida is currently at the center of very alarming COVID-19 numbers, the state currently leads the nation with over 16,000 new cases reported within the last 48 hours. Additionally, on July 27th, Florida reported over 12,000 new COVID-19 cases for seven consecutive days in a row.

These latest cases now brings Florida’s seven-day average of new cases to a total of 13,502. The state has also reported 92 deaths on Tuesday and a weekly average of 57 deaths, according to new data from the CDC.

To put Florida’s COVID-19 cases into numerical perspective, across the nation an estimated 80,701 new cases were reported Tuesday—meaning that the state of Florida accounted for around 20% of the newly reported cases. Additionally, the 92 reported deaths in the state represented around were about 22% of the COVID-19 deaths throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Florida’s Broward County School System recently announced that all students will be required to wear masks at the start of the new school year and Miami-Dade Public Schools will require masks on buses, as they make a formal decision on mask requirements on school campus.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been in the middle of intense criticism for his anti-mask stance and his refusal to reinstate wearing masks in public places and making it mandatory for all schools.

“We in Florida, to this point, our school districts have proposed mask-optional (policies.) But I think our fear is that, seeing some of those rumblings, that there’d be an attempt from the federal level or even some of these organizations to try to push for mandatory masking of school children,” he said during a recent press conference.

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