Former Trump Organization Executive VP says she’s ‘sure there’s more’ charges coming

Former Trump Organization Executive Vice President joined Thursday where she weighed in on the criminal charges handed down earlier in the day. The Trump Organization and Chief Financial Officer were , including tax fraud and grand larceny. But Res believes that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“I’m sure there’s more. And to their credit, they’re not saying this is all there is, they’re just saying this is what we’re doing now,” Res said, later adding, “I don’t know why they’re not going after the bank fraud and the insurance fraud stuff, and I’m thinking maybe that will show up on the radar.”

Part of the alleged tax fraud scheme included to Weisselberg for things like a New York City apartment amounting to nearly $1.2 million in undeclared indirect compensation, school tuition for family members and a luxury car, just to name a few.

“Trump has always been doing this kind of thing, helping people evade taxes,” Res said. “You know, back when I was still in Trump Tower, he was paying people expense money instead of a salary. ‘Oh, just give me any bills and I’ll pay for it.’ That was his attitude.”

Res believes there’s no way this kind of thing went on without the knowledge of former President .

“I’m sure there are checks that he didn’t know anything about, but if there was anything major, anything like giving away a property or paying for someone’s school or paying someone’s rent,” Res said, “of course that wouldn’t happen without Trump. Trump was the one who decided that. He’s the one who came up with it.”

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