Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal sends a message to Drew McIntyre

In a recent interview with WWE India, former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal discussed a diverse range of topics, one of which was his current feud with Drew McIntyre. The Modern Day Maharaja had some heated words for McIntyre ahead of a likely encounter at SummerSlam.

“There will be payback, hopefully at SummerSlam,” Jinder Mahal said. “I’m trying to make some sort of match happen against Drew but if not SummerSlam, it’s gonna happen soon.

“Drew followed my plan. I became WWE Champion before Drew, I did it better than Drew, I did it faster than Drew. Everything that I did, Drew did. Drew was celebrated. People love Drew. ‘Oh Drew you overcame so much’. But when it comes time for me, they forget and Drew forgot so I need to remind Drew, and unfortunately, everybody has seen what happened to Shanky,” Jinder Mahal added.

The animosity between the two was pushed to the next level after The Scottish Warrior repeatedly hammered Jinder’s stablemate Shanky with consecutive steel chair shots three weeks ago on an episode of WWE RAW.

Shanky also had some strong words for Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre relentlessly beating up Shanky
Drew McIntyre relentlessly beating up Shanky

Shanky was also present in the same interview, and the following is a translation from Hindi of what Shanky said regarding the aforementioned incident.

“As Jinder said, there will be payback, be it at SummerSlam or at any other time,” said Shanky. “I’m impatiently waiting for it because when I was on the receiving end of the chair shots, I knew what I was feeling and it felt like I was being struck with heavy rocks on my back. My elbow also got injured so I’m impatiently waiting to get revenge [on Drew].” [Translated from Hindi]

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