Former WWE Champion shares a funny story about Riddle

Riddle is currently booked as a comedic act alongside Randy Orton as part of the newly-formed team RK-Bro on WWE RAW. The two have had amazing chemistry so far as they continue to entertain fans with their hilarious antics on weekly television.

However, before being drafted to RAW, Riddle made his main roster debut on SmackDown and in his first match he defeated former WWE Champion AJ Styles in a massive upset. The two later had a match for the Intercontinental Championship but this time the result was different as Styles managed to roll up the Original Bro for a three-count.

Speaking with Corey Graves on the After the Bell podcast, AJ Styles was asked which WWE Superstars he was most excited to see develop over the course of time. The Phenomenal One had the following to say:

“Of course Omos. I think he’s gonna be amazing but we’ve got so many younger talents that are able to do great things. Riddle – he has it, he gets it and he’s very entertaining”

Styles went on to reveal a rather funny story about Riddle from the time they both worked with each other:

“There was a time where my son was with us on the bus. Matt [Riddle] came in and was talking to us, and him and I were talking about- we had a match or something. Well, Matt leaves and my son goes “Oh my god, he really talks like that?” [laughs]. I said “yeah, that’s really him dude”. He’s not really changing who he is, that’s just who he is which makes it a lot easier for him to be great at what he does because all he has to do is be himself”

AJ Styles and Riddle might cross paths soon on WWE RAW

AJ Styles and Omos
AJ Styles and Omos

AJ Styles and Omos defeated The New Day at WrestleMaia to win the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles. The two have been a dominant force in the tag team division and hold the titles to this day.

However, another team has started to slowly gain momentum on RAW. RK-Bro has been racking up wins as of late against other tag teams and it’s only a matter of time before Orton and Riddle get a shot at the WWE RAW tag team titles.

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