Former Zomato co-founder Gaurav Gupta has launched: Gabit

Former Zomato co-founder Gaurav Gupta, along with his wife Aparna Shahi, has stepped into the health-tech arena with the launch of Gabit, a platform that integrates personalized meal plans, fitness regimens, wearables, health-tech products, and skincare routines. This venture comes at a time when an increasing number of consumers are prioritizing health and wellness, a trend that has gained momentum in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

Gabit’s Offerings: A Holistic Wellness Ecosystem

Gabit stands out as a comprehensive health-tech startup, offering a diverse range of services under one unified platform. The primary offerings include personalized meal plans, fitness wearables, workout plans, skincare routines, and Gabit-branded beauty products. The platform is designed to provide science-backed and personalized solutions for fitness, nutrition, sleep, mental wellness, and skincare.

One distinctive feature of Gabit is its anytime 1:1 access to fitness, nutrition, and habit coaches. This personalized approach aims to guide users on their health journey, addressing individual needs and goals. Moreover, Gabit employs proprietary AI tools like FitBot, which acts as a virtual personal trainer, the Food Score to enhance users’ understanding of their eating habits, and SkinBot to assess skin quality. The platform aims to take a holistic approach to health and wellness by combining aspects like fitness, nutrition, sleep, mental health and skincare.

Seed Funding and Growth Strategy

Gabit has garnered significant attention in the startup ecosystem, securing a noteworthy seed funding of $9.5 million. Notable contributors to this funding include angel investors like Deepinder Goyal (Zomato), Amit Agarwal (Amazon), Kunal Shah (Cred), and others. This injection of capital is earmarked for the development of the platform, expansion of personalized health and wellness solutions, enhancement of AI-driven assessments, operational scaling, user base growth, and consolidating its position in the competitive health-tech market.

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Product Portfolio and Innovation

The product offerings of Gabit encompass a wide spectrum of health and wellness solutions. From personalized meal plans tailored to individual dietary needs to fitness wearables that monitor and optimize physical activity, Gabit caters to a holistic approach to well-being. The inclusion of skincare routines and Gabit-branded beauty products adds a dimension of comprehensive self-care.

Gabit’s commitment to innovation is evident in its proprietary AI tools, which play a pivotal role in providing users with a personalized experience. The FitBot, akin to a virtual personal trainer, corrects posture and estimates calorie expenditure, fostering a dynamic and adaptive fitness regimen. The Food Score tool aids users in understanding their dietary habits better, while SkinBot assesses the quality of the user’s skin, contributing to a holistic understanding of health.

Catalyst for Launch: Pandemic-Induced Shift in Priorities

The launch of Gabit is a response to the paradigm shift in consumer priorities, accentuated by the global pandemic. Gaurav Gupta, reflecting on the motivation behind the venture, noted that the pandemic underscored the neglect of health by many individuals. His personal journey towards a healthier lifestyle, marked by sustainable changes in habits related to nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindfulness, and skincare, served as the impetus for Gabit’s inception.

Gabit’s holistic approach to wellness acknowledges the interconnected nature of health factors. Whether it’s achieving fitness goals, managing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, or focusing on skincare, Gabit aims to guide users towards holistic health. The platform emphasizes the adoption of good habits through its coaches, products, and services, supported by a proprietary algorithm that aids users in understanding and implementing these habits.

Conclusion: Gabit’s Ascent in the Health-Tech Landscape

As Gabit continues to make strides in the health-tech landscape, it positions itself as a one-stop platform for individuals seeking comprehensive health and wellness solutions. With a robust product portfolio, personalized coaching, and a commitment to leveraging data and technology, Gabit stands at the forefront of the evolving health-tech industry. The amalgamation of science and personalization positions Gabit as a beacon of innovation, promising to empower users on their journey towards holistic well-being. As the Gabit community grows across age categories, from 18 to 70, it is evident that the platform has struck a chord with a diverse audience, signalling a promising trajectory in the realm of health and wellness.

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