Freshman Focus: Westlake WR Leo Blackburn

The staff at Georgia Tech has made a habit since arriving in Atlanta of winning recruiting battles after landing commitments early in the process. In the case of Westlake four-star WR Leo Blackburn, Georgia Tech was far from the first Power Five school to offer, but as COVID-19 cases around the country were rising, and spots were taken nationwide, Blackburn’s contact with the staff at GT continued to heat up.

A three-star at the time of his commitment, Blackburn finished the season with over 1,000 receiving yards, and was bumped up to a four-star following the final evaluations.

JOL caught up with Blackburn prior to him arriving on campus for this edition of Freshman Focus.

What is your favorite fast food place?


What songs or artists do you listen to before games to get hype?

“My favorite artist has to be No Cap, but honestly before the games I just chill out and talk with my teammates. I don’t really listen to music before games to be honest.”

Favorite part of the Georgia Tech campus?

“The fact that it is in the city, right in the middle of everything. If you made me pick one thing about it though, it would have to be the stadium.”

Who finished second in your recruitment?

“Ole Miss.”

Most recent height and weight? (before reporting to campus)

“6-foot-5, 215 pounds.”

Celebrity crush?


Schools or players you are looking forward to playing against?

“Everybody forreal, but if I had to pick, it would be Clemson, and my Westlake teammates Dacari and Nate.”

What advice would you give you a younger recruit about the process and everything?

“Wait your turn, pay attention to everything, and take advantage of all opportunities!”

Expectations for your freshman year? How do you see the coaches fitting you into the offense?

“I expect to be used as an athlete, or as some would say, a mismatch. I will be used like someone that can be moved all around on the field.”

How would you describe the way you play to someone who has never seen you play?

“I’m someone who’s gonna give his all for any ball in the air, I’m exciting to watch for sure! I am a character, I love to celebrate and enjoy the game. I’m a team player, I block like I would want somebody to block for me.

So to sum that up, a big goofy kid, who loves the game, and is confident when on the field.”

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