Fuego del Sol gets emotional after first win in AEW

On this week’s AEW Dark, Oklahoma’s Fuego del Sol won his first match at AEW. The former WWE wrestler has been a regular feature on Dark and Sammy Guevara’s blog.

After more than 30 straight losses, Fuego finally claimed his first victory as he and Marko Stunt emerged victorious against Baron Black and Ryzin.

Del Sol revealed that he doesn’t have a full-time deal with AEW and may not be featuring on Tony Khan’s promotion in the coming weeks.

Fuego del Sol took to Twitter to express his thoughts and put out several emotional tweets.

After the match, he tweeted that he was grateful for the past year. He also said it seemed like the perfect way to sign off from AEW by scoring a win with his best friends around him.

“Wow. What a Moment! So grateful for the past year! If this is it for me as a regular at AEW then there is no better way to go out than with a Tornado DDT, a win, and my best friends around me!!! Thank you to everyone for all the continued support!!! Only up from here!” tweeted Fuego del Sol.

The master of the Tornado DDT also acknowledged the fact that he was trending on social media and couldn’t be grateful enough.

“Wow you guys got me Trending! Feeling all the love tonight! Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” tweeted Fuego del Sol.

Should AEW sign Fuego del Sol?

Fuego and Sammy are very good friends
Fuego and Sammy are very good friends

AEW will be moving out of Daily’s Place, starting with the July 7 episode of Dynamite. As a result, a lot of independent wrestlers who worked on AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation will not be a part of the traveling crew, one of them being Fuego del Sol.

Del Sol has become a fan favorite in Tony Khan’s promotion during the pandemic era. He’s featured heavily on Dark and AEW fans seem invested in his story. Not just that, but his own fellow wrestlers look to be on good terms with him as well.

Connection with fans is essential for any wrestler, and Fuego managed to get over with them on his own.

There will certainly be a section of fans who would be overjoyed if AEW were to sign him permanently. However, that decision is best left to the higher-ups in the company.

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