Genshin Impact 50/50 Pity system explained

Genshin Impact has a very important system that players may not be aware of, which determines which character they will receive when they wish on a banner.

If players properly manage this system, they can even guarantee characters that they want from limited banners. Players should definitely make sure to focus on the 50/50 system in Genshin Impact, as it is one of the most important systems to manage when wishing for a character. Players can learn all about this hidden 50/50 system here and also how to manage it properly.

Genshin Impact: What is the 50/50 pity system

The 50/50 system in Genshin Impact takes effect whenever a player is wishing on a banner and reaches the 5-star threshold. Once players get a 5-star character, the 50/50 system begins to take place and players will either receive the limited 5-star character, or they will receive one of the characters from the standard banner. There is a 50% chance for each outcome, and players who are free-to-play may dread the outcome of not getting the character they wanted.

The upside to the 50/50 system is that once players fail it, they will have their account given a guarantee. This guarantee makes it so that the next 5-star character that a player pulls on a limited banner is 100% going to be the limited character.

This system is huge, as players can maintain this guarantee for as long as they want, and save it for the characters that they desire the most. This means that if a player gets Mona or Diluc on one banner, they can wait and save Primogems until a new character they want comes out and then get that character with a 100% chance guarantee.

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How many Primogems do players need to beat 50/50:

Rolling until players hit pity will usually take around 75-80 Wishes at the lower end of things, meaning players will need around 12000 Primogems to get their first 5-star. This is a decent sum, meaning players will definitely want to save up, especially if they are still on their 50/50 without guarantee.

If players are completely certain that they want a character and don’t want to risk a 50/50, they can save up 28800 Primogems, which will give them a 100% chance to get a character. This is 180 rolls, which is enough to hit hard pity twice.

With Kazuha finally out, many players will be testing their 50/50, and while some will succeed, many others will fail it, and it is up to them to choose whether to continue wishing or to save their guarantee for newer characters coming in the future.

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With Inazuma on the horizon and new characters coming out fast, players will definitely want to learn and understand the Genshin Impact 50/50 pity system, as it will be integral to success in wishes.

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