George Floyd’s brother rips Reynoso over ‘fraud’ Brooklyn BP endorsement

The brother of police murder victim George Floyd’s is accusing a candidate for Brooklyn borough president of lying about getting his endorsement, The Post has learned.

Brooklyn resident Terrence Floyd says he’s furious that Councilman Antonio Reynoso has put out campaign literature and media statements claiming that the slain Minneapolis man’s sibling is in his corner.

“That’s fraud. He’s not an authentic person,” Floyd told The Post Friday.

Reynoso even lists Floyd as a backer on his campaign website.

But Floyd says he’s actually supporting another candidate, Lamor Miller Whitehead, and even sat next to him during a Monday News 12 zoom debate.

“My brother is Lamor,” Floyd said. “Whitehead is the one. My official endorsement is going to Whitehead. He understands the struggle.”

Floyd acknowledged earlier meeting with Reynoso and saying nice things about him, but insisted he never agreed to endorse him.

Picture of Terrence Floyd.
Reynoso listed Terrence Floyd as a backer on his campaign website.

“I never said to Reynoso, ‘I endorse you.’ I don’t deal in deception,” he said.

Floyd — who attended the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer convicted of killing his brother George — said he was shocked when hearing about the Reynoso endorsement mailer.

During the borough president’s debate on Monday, Whitehead challenged Reynoso about the endorsement.

“Terrence Floyd is right next to me, right? And Terrence Floyd endorsed me to become the next borough president … Why did you lie to the community and can you address this issue while Terrence Floyd is here, George Floyd’s brother,?,” Whitehead said.

Reynoso shot back, “I didn’t lie to the community. I had a conversation with Terrence and we talked about him endorsing me — and that’s what happened.”

Reynoso’s campaign also provide text message exchanges between Floyd and Reynoso campaign adviser Rev. Kevin McCall that indicate that Floyd approved an endorsement graphic of the two together, with a draft Floyd statement back in April.

Picture of Antonio Reynoso.
Councilman Antonio Reynoso has put out campaign literature and media statements claiming that George Floyd’s brother Terrence, a Brooklyn resident, is in his corner.
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“Ok cool but change the pic I look crazy lol,” Floyd said in the text.

Other candidates in the Brooklyn BP’s race include Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon, Councilman Robert Cornegy, former Brookdale hospital executive Khari Edwards and not-for-profit health and housing executive Kimberly Council.

Earlier this week, Floyd endorsed Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in the Democratic primary for mayor.

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