George Floyd’s Brother, Terrence Floyd Addresses Derek Chauvin In Court 

The day that many people have been anticipating has arrived, and before Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill could give Derek Chavin his sentence. The family members of George Floyd spoke before the court to offer their statements before learning how long Chauvin would be in prison.

One of the three members to speak before the judge and the rest of the court was George’s brother Terrence Floyd.

Terrence emotionally addressed the court and said, “My brother was murdered everyone knows by Derek Chauvin. The facts of this case were proven beyond the reasonable doubt. And three guilt verdicts have been rendered. This situation has really affected me and my family. Any family member that have went through this, we are a part of a fraternity of family’s. It’s not one of those fraternities you enjoy.”

Terrence continued to address Derek Chavin and said, “I wanted to know from the man himself, why? What were you thinking? What was going through your head when you had your knee on my brother’s neck? When you knew that he posed no threat anymore, he was handcuffed, why didn’t you at least get up? Why you stayed there?

Terrence continued to recall one of the final conversations he had with his brother and revealed that they were planning to have play dates with their daughters. But unfortunately, George Floyd is no longer here to see those plans come to life.

“On behalf of me and my family, we seek the maximum penalty. We don’t want to see no more slaps on the wrists. We been through that already, in my community, in my culture,” said Terrence.

He continued, “If the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t be no case, it would have been open and shut. We would of been under the jail for murdering somebody. So we ask for the same penalty for Derek Chauvin.”


As previously reported, prior to sentencing a judge denied Chavin’s request for a new trial.



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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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