Georges St-Pierre’s coach lists 3 things Conor McGregor needs to do for a win against Dustin Poirier 

Conor McGregor is set to go up against Dustin Poirier in their heavily-anticipated trilogy fight on July 10 at UFC 264. Scheduled to go down at T-Mobile Arena with a stacked and exciting undercard, the pay-per-view promises to be one of the biggest of the year for the UFC.

There is not a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that Conor McGregor is still the biggest draw in the sport; the UFC pay-per-view numbers speak for themselves. However, when it comes to the Irishman emerging victorious from the bout, fans are indeed somewhat concerned, even though Conor McGregor opened as a favorite over Dustin Poirier for the early UFC odds.

In an advanced breakdown video, Georges St-Pierre’s coach Firas Zahabi listed three things that Conor McGregor should do to secure a win against ‘The Diamond’ at UFC 264.

“Number one, take the legkicks off the table. I hope for him that he is training round the clock not to get leg kicked. And after that, he has to keep the volume low. He doesn’t have to throw as many punches as [Dustin] Poirier. He has to keep the volume low. He has to get a killshot. He has 25 minutes to get a killshot or he most likely loses a decision… I wouldn’t try to encourage him to keep up with the strikes because that’s just going to take away his explosiveness. What’s special about [Conor] McGregor is he has the ability to finish a fight like nobody else,” Firas Zahabi said.

Firas Zahabi had three-pronged tactical advice for Dustin Poirier as well, where he suggested ‘The Diamond’ should try to get on top of Conor McGregor, focus on the leg kicks that brought him success in their second fight, or try to drag the contest into the later rounds.

Firas Zahabi on a possible victory for Conor McGregor: “It’s a killshot or nothing”

Firas Zahabi reiterated that unless Conor McGregor stays true to his explosive fighting style and goes for a killshot early on, it might get difficult for him to win the trilogy.

“It’s gonna come down to if McGregor could stop those kicks. If McGregor slows the pace of the fight down, doesn’t get in that boxing stance and starts trying to trade and accumulate points – in my opinion, that’s juist not true to his style. He’s got to take his time and look for a kill. It’s a killshot or nothing.”

Watch the entire video below:

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