Gina Brillon’s Husband Credits Her For Changing His Life

Gina Brillon has been married to her husband Jeremy Oren for over three years now, and their love grew stronger in those three years. 

In an Instagram post dated September 24, 2020, the husband explained that besides their love for one another, he had continued to grow day in and day out since the day he met Brillon. 

Oren’s Anniversary Post

The post meant to celebrate their third anniversary also featured a series of snaps capturing the couple’s milestones over the years. The pictures featured everything from them dating to him proposing on one knee and them getting married. 

There were also specific moments from their wedding that the singer wished to highlight. For instance, the fourth snap in the series saw Oren strapping an acoustic guitar on and singing for his beautiful wife. 

Likewise, the next snap saw the couple sharing a dance on the night of their wedding. And the next one still, saw the couple flaunting their wedding bands for the camera. 

The Husband Expressed His Love

While the snaps brought back memories, the accompanying captions were reflective of Oren’s emotions. 

He started off by stating that he could not imagine a life without his beloved and that his life had never been the same after he met her. 

Not only had the couple grown in their relationship, but they had also welcomed a new member to their small family of two. 

Despite 2020 being a trying year for everyone, Oren claimed that it was a blessed year for their marriage. So much so that the feelings he had for Brillon on that day were stronger than on their wedding day. 

Although he had grown a lot in the last three years, he made a vow to keep striving for Brillon and their baby boy Jayden. 

Brillon Gushed Over Husband on Father’s Day

That being said, Oren is not the only one who gushes about their partner on social media. The standup comedian took to her Instagram on Father’s Day and shared an appreciation post for the father of her child. 

The post came with a trio of pictures, the first of which saw the father-son duo twinning with white “Run DMC” t-shirts paired with a set of blue Adidas jackets and trousers. 

As for the second one, the doting father was seen holding his infant son in his arms while both the father and the son looked directly at the camera.

And finally, the last snap captured Brillon and Oren posing beside the comedian’s hospital bed. It is plausible to assume that this snap was taken around the time baby Jaden was born. 

In the caption, Brillon wished her husband a happy Father’s Day and joked that he should be awarded just for putting up with her. 

She concluded her message with a thank you note for loving her and little Jayden as much as he did. Of course, she reciprocated the love too.

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