Godaddyemaillogin: how to access

Do you want to access your GoDaddy email account? Keep an eye out for a step-by-step guide to acquiring access to the workspace email. GoDaddy Inc. in the United States is a Web hosting and domain registration company. It got formed in Delaware and got situated in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It employs approximately 7000 employees worldwide and has a customer base of more than 20 million. This company gets most recognized for its commercials on television and in newspapers. 

Both Android and iOS smartphones can use Godaddy’s mobile application. They can use this function in linking their mobile device to their Godaddy email account. Thunderbird and Outlook, for example, can be clicked to a user’s preferred email client.

We’ll serve as your one-stop-shop since we’ll show you how to access your Godaddy email account and then go over some of Godaddy’s features. So, here are the different ways you can access your Godaddy email account.

Accessing GoDaddy Email / Webmail on desktop

  • Open the browser on your machine.
  • Now type the desktop version of workplace Webmail in the browser address bar.
  • Then hit enter to go to the web page mail.
  • Type email account’s username in the username field. That is after the new page has loaded.
  • Now, enter your email account’s password and log in.

Accessing GoDaddy Email Login / Webmail on mobile phone

If you have a mobile phone, no one can access your GoDaddy account through a mobile app. GoDaddy has a free and secure email app for Android and iOS users. Follow the instructions below to use mobile apps to access GoDaddy’s webmail.

  • On your mobile phone, go to the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Get the “GoDaddy” app.
  • Select the Email Management tab after launching the app.
  • Fill in your account’s email address and password.
  • You can now tap on the go to access the desired email account.

So we’ve covered everything there is to know about GoDaddy and its features, and we’ve come to the end of the article. We’ve also discussed how to access the GoDaddy email sign-in page. The processes that must get followed to complete the stock get also mentioned.

What is the GoDaddy Workspace Webmail and how does it work?

Workplace webmail is one of GoDaddy’s services offered to all businesses. This feature allows businesses to appear more professional than having a generic email account like a Gmail account by having an email address that matches their affiliated company’s name.

When users register a domain name with GoDaddy, they commonly choose an option. If you haven’t activated this function yet, a how-to manual gets provided with the feature, so you can do so whenever you want or need it.

You can open a Webmail account and purchase an email address that matches your company name from your GoDaddy’s Account Product Page.

How to Established a Webmail Service with GoDaddy

  • Go to GoDaddy’s “Product Page.”
  • Select “Setup Email” at the top of the page.
  • You’ll then see a long list of email addresses. Select any “email address” you’d want to use for your company.
  • You’ll need to choose a “Domain” after you’ve settled on a GoDaddy workplace email.
  • You’ll need to enter a “Password” to continue the process. Create a unique Password and double-check it as a result.
  • Select “Create” and wait for the configuration to finish.
  • You will receive a “confirmation email” once the setup procedure gets done.
  • Click “Next” to set up your GoDaddy Workspace Email Login.

How to Login to GoDaddy Workspace Webmail

  • To access the GoDaddy Webmail Login Page, go to in your preferred browser.
  • On the GoDaddy Webmail Sign in Page, enter the “GoDaddy workspace email login” credentials in the appropriate text boxes.
  • Check the box if you want to access it on your device at any time without having to enter any information.
  • To log in and access your GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Account, click “Sign in.”

How to Login to GoDaddy using Microsoft Office 365

  • To get started, go to
  • To begin, enter your Microsoft 365 email address and password in the appropriate fields.
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Sign in.”
  • It is how you may create a GoDaddy account using your email address, Facebook, Office 365, or even a single e-mail address.

GoDaddy Webmail Login Problems

You may be unable to access your GoDaddy webmail or email account for a variety of reasons:

  • You know your GoDaddy password, but not your username.
  • Your username is correct, but your password isn’t.
  • If two-step verification is enabled and you have a problem logging in,
  • You can’t get into your GoDaddy account using the right website or method.

If you’re having trouble logging into GoDaddy, try resetting your password or asking for your username. Additionally, GoDaddy’s Twitter Help handle offers excellent customer care. If you’re experiencing difficulties logging in or using other functions, you can tweet them.

How to Reset Your GoDaddy Password

  • Enter into the address bar of your browser, then hit “Enter.”
  • To proceed, go to the GoDaddy Password Reset Page and enter your “Username or Customer ID.”
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Continue.”
  • Now, input the email address linked to your GoDaddy account for email alerts.
  • If you receive an email from Godaddy, click the link in the email for information on resetting your password.
  • You’ll get brought to the password reset page after clicking the password reset link. Create a new password and double-check it with another entry.
  • Your password has to get changed as a result, and you can now access your GoDaddy account using your new credentials.

How to Change The GoDaddy Account Password

  • Navigate to the “GoDaddy Login Page” and sign in to your GoDaddy account with the credentials supplied.
  • After logging in, navigate to the GoDaddy Workspace Email Page by selecting “Products” from the homepage.
  • Choose the “Email Address” of the GoDaddy account you want to change the password for it.
  • Then press and hold the “Edit” button until the “Edit Account” option appears.
  • All that’s left is for you to fill up the “Change Password” text box with a secure and unique password.
  • For security, put in the password you used in the previous step.
  • Finally, click “Save” to finish the procedure.
  • Wait for a confirmation message that your new password has to get successfully set.
  • After receiving the confirmation notice, pick “Close” to exit the Edit Account Page.

Speaking to CustomerCare

To get assistance, dial GoDaddy’s Customer Care Call Service (040 67607600). You can tweet your troubles to GoDaddy’s Twitter account (@GoDaddy), which is incredibly prompt and offers excellent customer service.

Features of GoDaddy

  • Provides domain name

A domain name is the one-of-a-kind name for your website. It’s a form of URL that people can use to find your site on the internet. As a result, GoDaddy provides its customers with a domain name that others may use to distinguish and locate them on the internet.

  • Domain name transfer

Users can also modify their domain name at any moment with GoDaddy’s unique functionality. It’s just a matter of updating the registrar where the domain name is registered. As a result, switching registrars is a simple process.

  • WHOIS database search

WHOIS is a query-and-response protocol that allows users to search a database for information. This database stores information about registered users and assignees of Internet resources such as IP address blocks, domain names, and autonomous systems. You may also utilize WHOIS to get all of the information you need about a single domain name or another at the same time with GoDaddy.


To access their Godaddy but space Webmail, users can utilize a computer, a mobile browser, or the GoDaddy mobile app. Users can view the email accounts connected with more GoDaddy-hosted domain names using the GoDaddy webmail service.

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