Google leaks unannounced Nest security cameras on its own online store

Google has apparently leaked some unannounced Nest security cameras right on its own online store (thanks for the tip, Eric!). Google confirmed in January that it would be releasing a new lineup of security cameras this year, and it seems like the company’s store may have just revealed what’s on the way.

As far as we can tell, the new devices include a combined outdoor / indoor battery-powered Nest Cam, a Nest Cam with floodlight, an indoor wired Nest Cam, and a battery-powered Nest Doorbell. When we tried to click on the “Learn More” and “Buy” links for those devices, the site sent us back to the main Google Store homepage, so it seems that they might be live earlier than they are supposed to be.

The only links that worked correctly on this page were the Nest Cam Indoor and the Nest Cam Outdoor. All the others sent us back to the Google Store homepage.
Image: Google

The links that worked in this section were the wired Nest Doorbell and the “Front Door Monitoring Package,” but the one for the package led to a different package featuring the wired Nest Doorbell instead of the battery-powered one.
Image: Google

The new additions, if they are released, would fill in some big gaps in Google’s security camera lineup. Amazon-owned Ring helped popularize the concept of a a video doorbell with a battery, which can be placed in a lot more places than a camera that requires a constant connection to power. (Right now, Google explicitly recommends against using external batteries with its connected security cameras.)

Ring also developed one of the early popular connected floodlight cameras, and recently released a new floodlight camera; and Eufy, Arlo, and other vendors make them, too.

Google didn’t respond to a request for comment.

This isn’t the first time that Google has leaked a smart home product — it accidentally revealed the Nest Hub Max weeks before it was announced. But the fact that these new security camera listings have already appeared on the online store could indicate that an announcement is imminent.

If you can share any details about these Nest products, send us a tip!

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