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GTA 6 trends on Twitter yet again after fresh leaks surface on the internet

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GTA fans are unable to contain their excitement when it comes to GTA 6, as Twitter has been flooded with tweets yet again.

This latest buzz began when Tom Henderson, a reputable leaker in the video game industry, dropped several rumors about GTA 6 recently. While most of this includes some details that he has shared previously, fans seem to be most affected by the probable release date he mentioned.

His speculation is based on the assumption that Rockstar will not release the next game until the global chip crisis has been resolved. This seems probable as the more players have access to the next generation consoles, the better the sales for Rockstar.

Another reason may be due to the accusations of crunch time against Rockstar. This may force them to take their time with the next GTA title and be more concerned about their employees’ well-being.

Twitter flooded with GTA 6 tweets after recent leaks

Henderson stated that fans might not see a new GTA title before 2024-25, and most of them were not happy with the news.

Some have mentioned the 12-year gap between GTA 5 and GTA 6, assuming the next game will be released in 2025.

Without a doubt, the first thing that everyone thinks about is the age at which they will be able to play GTA 6.

It is common knowledge that a large portion of GTA’s player base consists of teenagers, even though the game is only meant for adults:

Fans are already making jokes about this revelation:

People are also amping up their expectations, albeit jokingly:

Other possible GTA 6 leaks

There have been a few other leaks that have come out amidst this ongoing flood of tweets regarding GTA 6. Some of these are related to fresh job listings by Rockstar Games.

Another potential leak occurred recently when Square Enix distributed a survey asking about future games that players may have heard about.

At the moment, the release date and any other facts about GTA 6 are entirely speculative. Rockstar has yet to make any announcements concerning the upcoming GTA release, so fans should take all rumors with a grain of salt.

This doesn’t stop them from spamming Twitter with GTA 6 tweets whenever the game is mentioned, and it remains to be seen how long this will continue.

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