Gun violence hasn’t been a problem in Texas, so why worry about permitless carry?

An America for everybody

What a week we just saw. Opal Lee, a Black 94-year-old woman, made national news and the front pages of the paper. (June 20, “Opal Lee celebrates Juneteenth holiday in Fort Worth”) It is starting to look like the real America I love and am loving even more.

Thank you, President Joe Biden and Opal Lee, for an extraordinary week. Wouldn’t it be great if, 100 years from now, people remember Opal Lee instead of Robert E. Lee?

– Judy Crow O’Donnell, Fort Worth

My decision has been solidified

I see Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz have endorsed Susan Wright in the 6th Congressional District runoff in July. That’s two more reasons for me to vote for Jake Ellzey.

– Dr. Harold L. Smith, Arlington

No permits, no problems

Texas passed the concealed carry law in 1995, then later allowed open carry. Opponents of both said it would be the Wild West again. It didn’t happen. They’re saying it again with the passing of permitless carry.

As a licensed gun carrier, I was neither for nor against the new law, but I will continue to maintain my license. The main opposition is that the new law requires no training to carry. But the range portion of the class is not a training course; it is a proficiency test you must pass. If a person has no experience with a firearm, it is recommended he or she take a training course first.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is going to offer a free online course. Nothing has changed as to who can legally carry a firearm.

– Ken Ratley, Bedford

Everyone take up arms?

Maybe it’s time for the rest of us to have guns. Given the growth of right-wing violence and events such as the insurrection of Jan. 6, along with the continued relaxation of gun laws, do we need to be able to protect ourselves?

There aren’t many other options than to join the crowd and defend America and our democracy from threats such as right-wing fascism.

– Don Kinard, Arlington

I don’t give a doggone darn

Did you charge for publishing Champ’s obituary? (June 20, 3A, “Bidens’ older dog, Champ, has died at 13”) I hope so, because it wasn’t worthy of news space.

– Tom C. Burke, Fort Worth

Keep it about Fort Worth

New Fort Worth mayor Mattie Parker aims to attract young professionals to the city. What about the young professionals and others who are already there?

What’s wrong with hiring Fort Worthians? What’s wrong with hiring Fort Worthian-owned businesses to do work for the city? What’s wrong with loaning money to Fort Worthians who want to start their own businesses? We have talent and want to contribute to our city.

– Lisa Cox, North Richland Hills

Wall talk ignores Texas’ real issues

There’s no excuse for our extreme electrical problems in Texas. People died, received outrageous electric bills and faced anxious moments of not knowing what to expect next in the February freeze. And now, our governor and his cronies want to spend a scandalous amount of our money on an unneeded border wall. (June 18, 13A, “Abbott found way to make Texas border wall plan worse”)

Border enforcement belongs to the federal government. Will the selfish vote pandering never end?

– Roger Edwards, Willow Park

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