Harrison Wain, Popular by His Stage Name ‘BoxBoy’, Became One of the Few Australian Artists Who Has Emerged as a Social Media Icon by Creating Rock, Trap and Alternative Indie Music in the Most Unique Ways

The music industry has many artists who come with stars in their eyes, with a dream to make it to the top. Every artist who wants a break in the music world have their own goals, some want fame, some want to do playback, whereas some want to create their own band and tour the world after attaining stardom. Whatever may be their goal, without talent, hard work and right approach, succeeding in the music industry would be a distant dream, says ‘BoxBoy’. The road to success as a music artist is not straight and has a lot of curves and one needs to caution while on their path to attain recognition.

 ‘BoxBoy’ has gone through the process and throws light on what works well to succeed as a music artist. He says, “your success as an artist totally depends on how talented you are, and how wide your music reaches the audiences to get appreciated. The number of following that you garner along the path also plays an important part to spiral an artists career upwards.” Likewise, a debut song might give an artist that much-needed push, but they need to constantly keep the momentum alive and keep reinventing themselves or else they would be left behind in this cut-throat competitive world of music where there’s no dearth of talent. There are a lot of other factors that can help an artist survive and enjoy stardom for an indefinite period. These include work ethics and sincerity towards their work. Usage of the right promotional tools like branding and social media is also important for a music artist to make the right impact as they help them establish a strong presence. ‘BoxBoy’ says, “talent does matter up to a certain extent and can take you to a specific point, but if there is no right exposure, there is a possibility of the journey being thwarted midway.” He has made his presence felt in the music world with his two singles getting a humongous response with more than 500k views “I’m all ready for my album release by the end of this year,” says ‘BoxBoy’.

 Apart from being a successful music artist, ‘BoxBoy’ is also a popular social media influencer having a humongous follower base of more than 1.6 million on Instagram and almost 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is one of those rare individuals whose one side of his personality has drawn much attention of the netizens, catapulting his popularity to soaring heights. Many are unaware of the story behind this successful name as not much has been said about his personal life which he has kept under wraps till now. We asked him to bring out the story behind the popular social media icon who goes by the name ‘BoxBoy’. “I jumped into the entrepreneurial realm four years back as I didn’t pursue higher education as business was my calling. I started a version of Uber when I was just 15 and sold it to a company in the Middle East. That deal instilled the much-needed confidence in me and I went ahead in searching for better avenues which would get me a good life. The journey from Sydney to Los Angeles was tough as I arrived at foreign shores with nothing in my hand when I was 18, sleeping on friends couches and starting from a scratch. Today, at 21, I own a place and have garnered millions of followers and the journey has been fruitful so far.”

 He did face initial hurdles but cleared them all to pave his path towards success. He says that when he started out on social media he was posting content which was inclined more towards fashion as he wanted his brand to evolve around that niche. The response that he got was lukewarm, and he thought of revamping his entire game plan which would give positive results. Observing how humour and entertainment stuff were most preferred by the online community, he decided to shift focus on that part as well. Soon his work started getting the much-needed appreciation, and he was on the right path to glory. He has to put his dream of making a fashion brand on the back burner and started creating entertaining content full-fledged which led to his tremendous popularity making all his content viral. He has a piece of advice for all those aspiring influencers who want to make their mark in the digital world, he says, “find something which you are passionate about and then close on that niche and proceed to be truly successful. Next is to have a determined mindset and not get distracted by the numerous setbacks that would come along the way. Surround yourself with like-minded people who have the right mindset, and you will definitely grow more than your expectations. Avoid being around toxic people as they are bound to create a negative environment which would affect your career goals. Always keep learning and move forward and success would definitely be yours.”

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