‘High demand’ Naomi Osaka Barbie doll sells out in hours

Tennis phenom Naomi Osaka has scored an ace off the court, with a Barbie doll figure of herself that’s flying off the shelves.

The posable toy — which features the four-time Grand Slam winner in her outfit from the 2020 Australian Open — sold out in just hours after it dropped on Monday for $29.99 a box, the maker, Mattel, said.

“I hope every child is reminded that they can be and do anything,” Osaka tweeted on Monday after announcing the release of the toy. 

The newest plastic-version of Osaka, which comes complete with a replica of her Yonex racket, is a part of the Barbie Role Model series. The Barbie website has limited sales of the 13-inch-high doll to two per customer.

The 23-year-old’s appearance was first molded into a doll in 2019 for Barbie’s Shero collection.

Carlyle Nuera, a designer at Barbie for over 10 years, planned out the doll. On top of making Osaka into a toy, Nuera has also designed Barbies for Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, and tennis legend Billie Jean King.

Naomi Osaka Barbie doll
The Naomi Osaka doll is part of the Barbie Role Model series.
Naomi Osaka Barbie
The 23-year-old first had a Barbie in her likeness as part of the doll’s 2019 Shero collection.

“What I personally admire the most about Naomi Osaka is how she uses her platform, the spotlight on her and her voice, to raise awareness about social justice,” Nuera said in a press release.

In May, Osaka controversially withdrew from the French Open due to mental health reasons and recently penned a Time essay — titled “It’s O.K. Not to Be O.K.” — about the topic. As of now, Osaka plans to lace up for the 2020 Olympics Games in her home country of Japan.

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