How much is the YouTuber worth in 2021?

Alia “SSSniperwolf” Shelesh, best known for her variety of content, most recently her reaction videos, has been on the platform for just over eight years. She accrued over 22 million subscribers on YouTube for her initial gaming content on the platform.

At 28-year-old, SSSniperwolf is also a cosplayer in her second channel, Little Lia, where she posts videos displaying various skills, including cosplay building and baking.

However, SSSniperwolf is not without controversies. In 2015, she claimed that fellow YouTuber GirlGoneGamer faked footage of her gameplay. In 2016, the Shelesh sued for slanderous comments about Engimahood until its dismissal in 2017.

Most recently, in 2019, SSSniperwolf received the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Gamer through her content was mainly reaction content as of that year.

Overall, SSSniperwolf is among the top forty YouTubers in the country and among the top 100 in the Social Blade rankings. But how much does she make in revenue from her highly tractioned success?

Exploring SSSniperwolf’s possible revenue and overall net worth

Per her Social Blade page, the internet star’s YouTube views average around 680 million views per thirty days. According to the site, SSSniperwolf’s estimated monthly earnings are between 171K to 2 million dollars.

In her most recent YouTube videos, she does not have embedded ads. Using her most recent video titled “Gold Digger Pranks That Went Too Far” and the lowest amount regarding YouTube CPM, cost per thousand impressions, valued at around two dollars, her lowest estimated revenue per video is eight thousand dollars.

With the highest CPM in the United States teetering between eight and ten dollars per thousand, SSSniperwolf’s revenue per video could top off at forty thousand dollars.

As far as investments, SSSniperwolf bought a 2.9 million dollar home in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2019.

Currently, SSSniperwolf does not have active sponsors for her YouTube videos. However, she recently collaborated with makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills for a 25 pan eyeshadow palette.

SSSniperwolf is not ranked among the twenty top-paid YouTubers, previously beat out by Jeffree Star and Blippy. She is also rated at 112th in the most subscribers and 133rd in terms of viewership.

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